Otzem - Pre-Military Torah Academy

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The English speakers program provides young men from abroad with the spiritual resources needed to integrate successfully within Israel’s armed forces and society at large. The English speakers program combines four core components:


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1. Integration
we see three objectives for a successful integration. • Hebrew - knowing fluent Hebrew - we have daily Hebrew classes, the end goal being learning in the regular Hebrew program. • Culture - getting to know Israeli culture - experiencing it and learning it. • Torah - learning what Eretz Israel and Am Israel are all about.

2. Yeshiva studies designed to build men of faith and action
• The traditional Yeshiva curriculum – Talmud with Rishonim and Acharonim. • In-depth study of the classic texts of Jewish Philosophy. • Grounding in Mishna and Halacha.

3. Deepening of Jewish identity, religious-Zionist commitment, and love of the Land of Israel
• Lectures by experts in the fields of science, politics, military, and philosophy. • Seminars with prominent figures in Israeli society. • Field trips and fact-finding missions throughout the country.

4. Spiritual and physical
preparation for military service The Israeli army is a unique framework that combines strict military discipline with weighty individual responsibility. • Our Rabbis provide guidance and counseling in advance of military service geared specifically for students coming from abroad.
• We offer rigorous physical fitness training, including personal instruction in map-reading and fieldnavigation in theory and practice. • Army representatives will brief the students on the needs of the army and the opportunities available to them in the armed forces.

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